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Concrete Polishing

Concrete polished floors weren't made just to walk on. These beautiful, highly durable and environmentally friendly floors are easy to clean, slip resistant and when highly polished look simply stunning. The entire process is dustproof (the way we do it, anyhow). The technique involves grinding and polishing the concrete to remove the surface paste and expose the concrete beneath. The different levels of grinding determine the end result from a smooth dull polish of the top layer of concrete to the glossiest finish which exposes the construction aggregate. Polished concrete can be used domestically and commercially. It can often be seen in large spaces such as airports, car showrooms, warehouses, and architecturally designed homes, creating a high visual impact. The concrete can also be coloured to your specification, so if design is of great importance, this gives you more possibilities to create that individual look.

Like the idea of a polished concrete floor but don't have the depth to lay concrete?

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