Bespoke concrete furniture

Concrete has been finding its way into our homes and offices for several years, but it’s the versatility of the material, and creativity of the artisans who have taken it far beyond just a floor or wall covering into the realms of furniture and accessories. Traditionally associated with brutalist characteristics which conjure up thoughts of a Soviet past, concrete furniture has become a raw, yet sophisticated way to bring a contemporary look to a space.

Concrete compliments other materials so well and lives comfortably alongside wood and stone and metals such as copper and brass.

One of our recent custom pieces includes a reception desk for an office foyer in Cheltenham. It was important to the customer that they created a strong first impression as visitors arrived at their offices, so brought in the services of a prominent Cotswold architect to develop the design. The piece was to look very fluid, with soft smooths curved sides and top, words not typically used to describe concrete. In order to achieve the look, the structure of the desk was built out of ply and then topped with a light grey marbled micro-topping. It was then polished to a dull shine. The customer was delighted with the result, as we were.

e.IMG 1429      Chalice Walkon Bespoke Concrete Reception Desk

Chalice Walkon bespoke concrete reception desk in workshopIn stark contrast to the curved lines of the concrete reception desk in Cheltenham is the sleek finish of a desk we created for our showroom in Burford. Here, the simplicity speaks for itself. Clean straight edges, no fuss, atop very simple black angled legs. We built the table top structure from wood, which gives it its strength and then finished it with a micro-topping and a polish.

Chalice Walkon bespoke Concrete Desk

For more information about bespoke polished concrete furniture, or to discuss your project or ideas, please give us a call.

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